All Eternity Isle Areas & How to Unlock Them in Disney Dreamlight Valley

A Rift in Time took us to a whole new world, but getting around in Eternity Isle is trickier than expected in DDV.

Eternity Isle Full Map DDV

Image by Gamepur

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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Eternity Isle brings a bunch of new biomes to everyone’s favorite Disney farming sim. However, traversing these desert and jungle-like biomes can be tricky.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley’s main Valley, you’ll unlock many new biomes as you progress through the game’s main story. The same mechanic carries over to Eternity Isle, where you’ll progressively get access to new areas, but instead of spending Dreamlight, the required currency is Mist. Despite the novel name, Dreamlight and Mist work in the same way: complete Mist duties, use your Royal Hourglass to uncover hidden Mist, and once you’ve got enough, remove the sands that block the way. However, areas in Eternity Isle are tricky to differentiate. In this guide, I’ll go over how to unlock every biome in Eternity Isle.

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Eternity Isle Map

As per the developers, the size of all three Eternity Isle biomes is roughly on par with the collective size of the eight biomes featured on Disney Dreamlight Valley’s map.

Here is the full Disney Dreamlight Valley Eternity Isle Map:

Dreamlight Valley Eternity Isle Map
Screenshot by Gamepur

Full Ancient’s Landing Map in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Eternity Isle Ancient's Landing All Areas DDV
Screenshot by Gamepur

When you first go through the Stardust Port in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Ancient’s Landing is the first area A Rift in Time will take you to. This part of Eternity Isle is where you’ll speak with Hologram Jafar to kickstart your journey to find the Jewels of Time.

In your map, this is on the very south portion of Eternity Isle. This area includes The Docks, The Courtyard, The Overlook, and The Ruins.

  • The Docks is the sandy and forest-like area you first arrive at. The boat that brought you to Eternity Isle from your Valley is docked here. In the Docks, you’ll build a Well and repair the first of Goofy’s Stalls. There will be two additional quests, one with Scrooge McDuck and one with Remy, to open up a restaurant and store overseas.
  • The Courtyard is the area that connects Ancient’s Landing with The Wild Tangle. You’ll also find a Well in here. This area unlocks automatically as you progress through The Flying Metal Nuisance, the quest in which you meet Eve.
  • The Overlook costs 6000 Mist to unlock, and it’s an area where Eve’s friendship quests to reunite with WALL-E unfold. Here, you can get Jade and other exclusive forageables.
  • The Ruins costs 10000 Mist to unlock. So far, no quests from the current version of A Rift in Time will take you here. It’s a fairly small and uneventful area, but I’m hopeful it’ll play an important role in the upcoming updates.

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Full The Wild Tangle Map in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Eternity Isle Wild Tangle All Areas DDV
Screenshot by Gamepur

The Wild Tangle is the area northeast of Eternity Isle. You’ll get access to this area after completing the first quest, The Flying Metal Nuisance, in A Rift in Time. It’s made up of The Grasslands, The Grove, The Promenade and The Lagoon.

  • The Grasslands is the first area you’ll unlock in The Wild Tangle. It’s where most of Rapunzel’s questline will unfold. You’ll find a Well and another one of Goofy’s Stall here.
  • The Grove costs 4000 Mist to unlock. It’s north of the Grasslands. This is where Rapunzel’s tower is.
  • The Promenade costs 6000 Mist to unlock and lies to the Grove’s west. You’ll need it to complete Rapunzel’s The Housewarming. But otherwise, it looks pretty much the same as the rest of the Wild Tangle.
  • The Lagoon is the last area you’ll unlock in The Wild Tangle. It costs 10000 Mist, which is a lot. However, since none of the current quests of A Rift in Time will take you here, you’ll have time to farm Mist until early 2024.

Full The Glittering Dunes Map in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Eternity Isle Glittering Dunes All Areas DDV
Screenshot by Gamepur

The Glittering Dunes is the area northwest of Eternity Isle. Just like with the Wild Tangle, you’ll unlock this area after completing Eve’s introduction quest.

  • The Plains is your starting area in The Glittering Dunes. You’ll unlock a Well and repair Goofy’s Stall. Here’s where you’ll meet Gaston and start his quest, The Wanderer of Dunes.
  • North of the Plains lies The Wastes, which you’ll unlock for 4000 Mist. This is where Gaston keeps his camp.
  • Southwest to the Plains, you’ll unlock The Oasis for 6000 Mist. This is the only place where you can catch Duneboppers in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
  • To the Plains east lies The Borderlands, the area where you’ll find Jafar’s castle at the end of A Rift in Time. It costs 10000 Mist to unlock it.