Destiny 2: All Ascendant Anchor locations on the Tangled Shore – Thieves Landing and Sorik’s Cut

Weighing you down.

It’s week 2 of Season of the Lost in Destiny 2, which means even more Ascendant Anchors to collect. A new set appears each week, and this time they can be found on the Tangled Shore, spread across both Thieve’s Landing, and Sorik’s Cut.

They are not that awkward to find, thankfully. They have a pink glow that is easy to spot, and a beam of energy that extends from the anchor up into the air above it, making them easier to find. Each one will reward you with some Parallax Trajectory, a very important currency for the season.

You can find all the Ascendant Anchors marked on the maps below, with a walkthrough of where to find them in the video above.

Thieves’ Landing

The first two can be found just behind the spawn in point, while the third is just beside the entrance to the Spider’s hideout. After that, head right to the domed building in the central area and climb up onto the roof. From there, jump down and keep to the right. Walk around the edge of the cliff, then keep circling around to get the fifth and sixth ones. Head all the way to the end of the area to pick up the final two.

Sorik’s Cut

The Sorik’s Cut Ascendant Anchors are placed all around the outskirts, and are pretty easy to see. Just follow the very outer line of the first area you spawn into, and you will find them all.