Destiny 2 – Alton Dynamo On Mars | Lumina Quest Step

Destiny 2

Another week, another Exotic Hand Cannon quest in Destiny 2. This time we are on the hunt for the Lumina, and Shin Malphur once again has used running around the place looking for the parts we need. One of the steps involves a chest that rotates locations, and one of those locations can be in Alton Dynamo on Mars. If your System Positioning Device sends you there, this guide will show you where to go.

Alton Dynamo On Mars | Lumina Quest Step

Destiny 2 Mars Map

Spawn in at Glacial Drift, hop on your Sparrow and make for the entrance of Alton Dynamo, which can be found by following the second turn on the left. You will come to an opening in the cliff face, head inside and follow the tunnel, then jump the gap to get into Alton Dynamo itself. Just follow the path, ignoring the enemies in the first location, then take the first left as you move down the next tunnel. You will come to a room with some Hive enemies. Kill them if you wish, then look up and to the right from the door you entered the room from.

You will see a small grate on the wall that you can shoot and destroy. Jump up there, then follow down the vent and shoot the next grate to enter a secret room. The lock-box will be located just on the far side of the room from where you enter. I made a video on where this one is because it is a little awkward.

Destiny 2 – Alton Dynamo | Lumina Quest Step

Uploaded by scannerbarkly on 2019-07-03.

If you arrive here, and the lock-box is not there, then recheck your System Positioning Device. The location of the lock-box will rotate every hour; it might have skipped off to a new location.

So far, it can be either Shaft 13 on the EDZ, or Excavation Site II on Io, or the Spine of Keres at the Dreaming City, the Sinking Docks on Titan, the High Plains on the Tangled Shore, the Mistson Nessus, or Alton Dynamo on Mars, and the Lighthouse on Mercury. Click on either link for a guide on how to get there, and where to find the lockbox.

We are working on a full guide for the Lumina quest, and are updating it as we move through the steps. Best of luck, Guardian.