Destiny 2: Banshee-44 Weapons List (Weekly Update)

You can never have too many weapons in Destiny 2. Thank you, Banshee-44, for providing us weekly legendaries. Check out the stock.

Screenshot via Gamepur

If Banshee-44 had a sales pitch for his booming business in Destiny 2, it would go something like, “Come get some cheap legendaries,” due to the always-well-stocked inventory he carries every week. This is great for newer Guardians looking for a specific weapon type or element to complete some of those early challenges and quests.

This guide will go over what’s in stock each week with Banshee-44 in Destiny 2, and our recommended picks for what you should buy, so you won’t have to waste too much time logging in every Thursday. Of course, if you just want to see Banshee-44’s pretty face, we understand.

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What’s In Stock This Week With Banshee-44?

Screenshot by Gamepur

This week we have a pretty decent selection of weapons with only three different elements, which are arc, void, and stasis. If you have a build focusing on a particular element or are looking to start a new one, you might see something that you’ll like. The mods are pretty great as well, with a lot of them holding decent perks. Here’s what he has:

Weekly Rotation

WeaponElementTypeMagazineBarrelBasic TraitsOrigin
FunnelwebVoidSMGTactical Mag, Steady RoundsArrowhead Brake, Hammer-Forged RiflingSteady Hands, Adrenaline JunkieVeist Stinger
Aurvandil FR6StasisFusion RifleAccelerated Coils, Particle RepeaterFull Bore, Hammer-Forged RiflingSlideways, Demolitionist
Omolon Fluid Dynamics
Harsh LanguageVoidGrenade LauncherHigh-Velocity Rounds, Implosion RoundsVolatile Launch, CountermassEnvious Assassin, Disruption BreakField-Tested
Palmyra-BStasisRocket LauncherAlloy Casing, Black PowderHard Launch, Smart Drift ControlSurplus, Chill ClipHakke Breach Armaments
Enyo-DKineticSMGExtended Mag, Alloy MagazineChambered Compensator, SmallboreFeeding Frenzy, RampageHakke Breach Armaments
NasreddinArcSwordHeavy Guard, Burst Guard,Enduring Blade, Honed Edge, Hungry Edge,Wellspring, Whirlwind Blade
Weekly Rotation

Our Buying Recommendations

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Generally, especially for new Destiny 2 players, you want to focus on weapons that have an element (Void, Stasis, Arc, Solar, or Strand). From what we’ve seen, there are a couple of nice synergy weapons that’ll help with getting an early feel for how builds work this season. If there are any legendaries that you’re not planning to use, dismantling them is a great way to get more legendary shards. This week, we recommend the following:

  • Palmyra-B (Stasis Damage), which comes with the Hakke Precision Frame, Surplus, Chill Clip, and Hakke Breach Ornaments.
    • This is good for new players looking to deal with a bunch of adds, as the Chill Clip and Hakke Precision Frame effect multiple enemies by slowing and hitting them, respectively.
  • Harsh Language (Void Grenade Launcher) and Nasreddin (Arc Sword) are both good picks if you can buy them at the same time. In this case, both the Harsh Language and Palmyra-B have perks that allow swords like the Nasreddin to have an increased charge rate and guard resistance.