Destiny 2: Top 5 Biggest Changes From Lightfall Expansion

A year has passed since the launch of Destiny 2: Lightfall, and returning Guardians are curious about what’s new in the update. Let’s delve into top five changes.

Image via Bungie

Like many online-only titles, there’s always something new being added to each expansion that fundamentally changes the way the game is played. In the case of Destiny 2, many things have been added and subtracted over the years, which will leave returning players scratching their heads in confusion. To help remedy this, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top five biggest changes players should be aware of when booting up again after returning from a long break.

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5. You Can Track Engrams Now!

Image via Bungie

That’s right! Those days of hunting down each individual vendor for the status of your engrams are over. This handy feature allows you to check the number of engrams each vendor holds once you’ve completed ranking up. You can access it by first retrieving it from the war table, and then, after opening your consumable tab inside the inventory, you’ll see it glowing there along with the rest of your goodies. Now, you can just focus on the grind, worry-free.

4. Easier Modding

Image via Reddit

Do you remember back in the early Destiny 2 days when you had to juggle a bunch of uninteresting stats when modding your armor? Luckily, all that complex stuff is gone, thanks to the overhaul Bungie implemented with the Lightfall expansion. Now, you don’t have to worry about the elements of the mod restricting what you can enhance and customize to your heart’s content. Yes, that means you can focus on the stats you want.

3. A New Look For The Tower

Image via Bungie

It may not seem like much, but it got pretty dull looking at the same tower after a while. Bungie felt the same way, so after some deliberation, they updated the look and feel to match the current storylines. You’ll now find Cabal, Lost, and others randomly hanging around the area in an effort to blend in with the rest of the folks. We also found ourselves reaching for our hand cannons when we first saw a legionnaire standing next to the vault.

2. Guardians Have Ranks Now

Image via Bungie

If you believed Destiny 2 Guardians needed more ranks, the developers have given us even more ranks to look after. This feature has a real impact on new and returning players thanks to it being more of an adventuring guide type of thing. This means that when you do decide to jump back in, you’ll have some direction on what to do next. These ranks reset every season, and completing them also rewards you with commendations that will be tallied at the end of a season.

1. Loadouts That Are Actually In The Game

Image via Bulletin

Gone are the days when you needed to use outside sources to update your gear in Destiny 2; now, you can do all that fun stuff directly in-game instead. You can equip and save different loadouts directly from the character screen while seeing a preview of the stats and bonuses before deciding what to equip. With the new and improved champion enemies, this is a little more than just a welcome addition; it is almost necessary.