Destiny 2 – How To Get Ascendant Shards (5 Fastest Ways)

To build some of the best items in the game, you will need Ascension Shards. These are the quickest methods for farming them:

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For some strange reason, it can seem like the game is so stingy when it comes to rewarding players with Ascendant Shards. This may be because the game does a poor job of explaining their importance and why you, the player, should go after them on a regular basis. These shards are some of the most useful items in the game, as many are needed to make some of the best weapons, armor, and other conveniences. To help get you started on getting some of these awesome items, we’ll be going over the best ways to find and grind ascendant shards quickly.

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5. Breakdown Duplicate Legendaries

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Sometimes, you’ll get a legendary or two that’ll drop, and you’ll already have a version of that same item in your inventory or vault. In cases like these, you’ll want to break them down as soon as possible, as you’ll be rewarded with Ascendant Shards for doing so. This is a pretty sporadic way to get shards, but it’s the most simple option. Remember that this isn’t the best way to get them, but it requires no extra effort aside from playing the game.

4. Complete Your Season Pass

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This will not be a viable option for fully F2P players, but for those who own the season pass, it’s a great way to get some shards while keeping busy completing season ranks. You’ll also unlock some legendaries and exotics you can dismantle if you’re uninterested in using them. Even for F2P, you can usually do a few things early in the season to reward you with high-rare items. With that being said, it’s very rewarding to at least purchase the season pass if you’re looking for more activities to participate in.

3. Reset Your Ranks At Vendors

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We know that this may sound redundant, but it’s really the least tedious way to get some shards, especially if you haven’t played through it already. At the Tower, many vendors have a bar at the top of the screen when you speak to them. These are your vendor ranks, and completing specific actions will increase this bar each time you complete the related task.

For example, Banshee-44 appreciates it whenever you break down weapons and armor and complete specific bounties. The higher the rarity, the more points you receive while ranking up. This game has no shortage of loot, so if you enjoy solo PvE, this will probably be one of your best bets if you want to go the vendor route.

2. Complete Nightfall Strike Missions

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Nightfall Strikes can be pretty difficult, especially if you don’t have a reliable build to get you through. Fortunately, there are strikes in this playlist that are pretty simple, short, and rewarding if you’re able to find a knowledgeable group. Keep in mind that the harder the difficulty, the better the chance of getting Ascendant Shards, either through drops or completion rewards for the hardest difficulty, Grandmaster Nightfalls. This goes double for quick activities like Fallen S.A.B.E.R. and The Devil’s Lair, which can be done without too much effort.

1. Trials of Osiris

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There’s so much to unpack with this one. First, you get plenty of high-rarity rewards just for completing matches, so it’s really good for dismantling fodder. Also, if you’re able to complete a flawless match for the first time, you’ll get Ascendant Shards outright. This one requires you to be pretty good at PvP, but if you’re looking for a team to get into the trials, we have some nifty advice that’ll help considerably.

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If you haven’t already, try jumping into the Destiny 2 LFG Discord and heading to the PvP channel. Once there, post in the chat, lf2m (looking for two more) until you fill out the team. This will allow other players to find you, and you’ll often get some skilled players who’ll help carry you to easy victories. When you’re done for the day, be sure to add them to your friends list for easier group access in the future. Hopefully, the upcoming group finder will streamline the process, but until then, this is a more than viable way to go about it.