Destiny 2 – Excavation Site II Io Location | Lumina Quest Step

The Lumina quest has arrived in Destiny 2. The weekly reset brought another quest from Shin Malphur for another Exotic Hand Cannon known as the Lumina. One of the steps sends you to a seemingly random location, where you need to find a lockbox. The other area in this quest is Excavation Site II, on Io.

Excavation Site II Location

Excavation Site II Location

To get to the Excavation Site II on Io, load in at the Giant’s Scar, heading under the tunnel, and up the path on the other side towards the large entrance in the cliff face. Run down the ramp, and then go through the first series of rooms. There are enemies in here, but you can ignore them.

You are going to continue until you reach the final room. You might want to clear out the enemies here, as there are several of them that may kill you before you can grab the box.

The particular box you are looking for is at the top of the room, just under the large glass window. Interact with it to get the quest item that you need, and move on to the next part of the quest.

If you get here, and the box is gone, it will have rotated to a new location, so check your System Positioning Device. So far, it can be either Shaft 13 on the EDZ, or Excavation Site II on Io, or the Spine of Keres at the Dreaming City, the Sinking Docks on Titan, the High Plains on the Tangled Shore, the Mistson Nessus, or Alton Dynamo on Mars, and the Lighthouse on Mercury. Click on either link for a guide on how to get there, and where to find the lockbox.

We are working on a full guide for the Lumina quest, and are updating it as we move through the steps. Best of luck, Guardian.