Destiny 2 Fireteam Finder (Full Guide)

As we stress test the fireteam finder function in Destiny 2. Here’s what you can look forward to as Bungie prepares for its release.

Image via Bungie

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It’s been a long time coming, but Bungie is finally implementing an in-game fireteam matchmaking system. After getting some hands-on time with Fireteam Finder during its stress test, here’s everything that Bungie has cooked up so far.

The Fireteam Finder is a brand new function that players can use to recruit fellow Guardians for multiplayer game modes, which include strikes, Gambit matches, Crucible matches, Dungeons, and Raids. It also seems to be in the works for solo content such as story missions and patrols. During the stress test, I found that Fireteam Finder was pretty much available for every mode that allowed the addition of friends and clanmates. Of course, Bungie will be working on it over time to refine it and potentially add new features.

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How to Start an Activity Using Fireteam Finder in Destiny 2

Screenshot by Gamepur

To start an activity using Fireteam Finder in Destiny 2, players must select the Fireteam Finder from their friends. This will take them to Fireteam Finder, where they can use the Search option to seek out an activity and start it, allowing others to join it when it launches.

This is a great function for those looking to get into a raid quickly, as they won’t have to track a specific Raid down on the map. Before starting any group finder content, I needed to take the Guardian Oath, which included the four pillars:

  1. Nurture Kindness – Show kindness to all and assist them with my knowledge, skills, and patience.
  2. Share The Light – Support my fireteam, regardless of where they are in their journey. If a teammate is struggling, offer a helping hand.
  3. Honor Others – Treat everyone with dignity and respect. We are stronger because we are from different backgrounds, ages, genders, creeds, and disabilities.
  4. Stand Together – There is no victory without teamwork and respectful communication. We are more than the sum of our parts.

After taking the oath, I was able to select which activity I was looking to do. The option included every activity in the game so far, including campaign and seasonal options. I then proceeded to a new screen where I was asked to create or search for a fireteam.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As I tested out the create a fireteam option, I was quite surprised by the number of options present when deciding what my listing should look like. I had the full selection of Raids listed, along with the difficulty options available. Then I was asked to add specifications such as fireteam size, communication requirements, experience requirements, and preferred platforms. I was even able to add a unique Title if I really wanted to stand out.

How to Join an Activity Using Fireteam Finder

Screenshot via Gamepur

To join an activity using Destiny 2’s Fireteam Finder, players must open the Fireteam Finder from the friends menu and choose to Search. This will allow them to select an activity and search for the fireteams they can join based on the specifications those teams have set out.

When I did this, there was a long list of options where players clearly listed what they were looking for, whether it was experienced or newbie-friendly. Once I did find a suitable team, it worked similarly to a Call of Duty lobby, where everyone had to get ready to get started.

After joining a raid team, everything worked as it should, with newbies dying to unpredictable traps and Raid veterans carrying us the best they could. From what I’ve seen so far, the systems are pretty much perfect for what they were intended to do, and that’s to get a fast group of like-minded players together for some content.

This guide is in progress based on the initial stress test version of Fireteam Finder Bungie held at the start of Season of the Wish. We’ll update this article with more details as the feature is expanded upon and receives more stress tests.