Destiny 2: Forsaken – Wanted: Downpour Captain In The Weep

 Destiny 2: Forsaken – Wanted: Downpour Captain In The Weep

Every week Spider, the new vendor and our uneasy ally in the Tangled Shore in the Reef, will offer several Wanted Bounties for us to complete. These bounties are new in Destiny 2: Forsaken and reminiscent of Petra Venj’s Wanted Bounties in Destiny. This guide will help you finish the Wanted: Downpour Captain bounty.

Wanted: Downpour Captain

Wanted: Downpour Captain
Wanted: Downpour CaptainTL;DR Games • Fair Use

The Wanted Downpour Captain bounty is available for purchase from Spider for one GHOST FRAGMENT. Its lore text reads as follows:

“Oh, of course the Prison of Elders was a collaboration between the Awoken and the Eliksni. Don’t look so surprised.” – The Spider

During the story that unfolded at the Prison of Elders, various dangerous enemies escaped, and it is now your job to track them down. They will always be quite easy to spot, as their name in-game will begin with “Wanted.” The Downpour Captain has decided to hide out in the Weep in the EDZ.

The Weep in the EDZ

Getting to the Weep is very simple, spawn in at Winding Cove, and head for the Lost Sector directly in front of you.

The Weep
The WeepTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Drop down into the Lost Sector, then make your way deeper into the cave. You will run into the Downpour Captain reasonably quickly, but be warned, all these Wanted enemies can be quite tough. Burn the Downpour Captain down if you can, if not, follow him deeper into the cave where you will have to fight lots of Fallen enemies as well.

Downpour Captain
Downpour CaptainTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Once the Downpour Captain is dead, you can then hand in the bounty from your Activities tab in the inventory. For more help tracking down other escapees from the Prison of Elders and assistance with the Spider’s Wanted Bounties, check out our DESTINY 2 GUIDE HUB.