Destiny 2: Forsaken – Wanted: Silent Fang Weekly Bounty

 Destiny 2: Forsaken – Wanted: Silent Fang Weekly Bounty

Every week Spider, the new vendor and our uneasy ally in the Tangled Shore in the Reef, will offer several Wanted Bounties for us to complete. These bounties are new in Destiny 2: Forsaken and reminiscent of Petra Venj’s Wanted Bounties in Destiny. This guide will help you finish the Wanted: Silent Fang bounty.

Wanted: Silent Fang

Silent Fang
Silent FangTL;DR Games • Fair Use

The Wanted: Silent Fang bounty is a weekly bounty available for purchase from Spider for five Ghost Fragments. Its lore text reads as follows:

“The EDZ must become humanity’s next city. We can’t lose our foothold here.” – Devrim Kay

The Wanted Bounties deal with several prisoners that have escaped from the Prison of Elders. You may encounter them on your patrols, and you can recognize them by the “Wanted” part of their name. This particular bounty requires Guardians to be Power Level 500, but in reality, you’ll want to try to be stronger than that. It counts as a Weekly Bounty and will reward you with Powerful Gear.

Wanted: Silent Fang Adventure

Silent Fang Adventure
Silent Fang AdventureTL;DR Games • Fair Use

You can find the Silent Fang adventure in the EDZ, located in the central Lost Sector in the Sludge.

How To Kill Silent Fang

Silent Fang is a massive Fallen, and you need to fight him in a small room. Also, the room is filled with enemies. You will notice that Fang has a shield, and there are appear to be some kind of shield-generating Servitors in the room. Shoot Shanks until an orb is dropped, then pick it up and throw it at the Servitors. Fang’s shield will go down, and you will be able to damage him. Repeat the cycle until he is dead!

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