How to get Flash of Inspiration in Destiny 2 – Dawning 2020

Lighting bolt from the blue.

Destiny 2

With The Dawning 2020 underway, lots of players are trying to get ingredients together to make their cookies and treats for various characters. One ingredient you will need to get your hands on is Flash of Inspiration.

To get Flash of Inspiration, you will need to create Orbs of Power in the game. You can generate Orbs of Power in a few different ways. The first is by casting your Super, as this will automatically drop some Orbs of Power. The second is by killing enemies with your Super. Another great way to do it is by getting multi kills with Masterworked weapons.

Any fully Masterworked weapon will have the ability to create Orbs of Power when you kill two enemies in quick succession. This is probably the best way to try and generate these Orbs of Power and get Flash of Inspiration, as you can do it nonstop as long as you have ammo for the weapon.

Flash of Inspiration is not a guaranteed drop, and seems to be quite rare, so the more chances you can give yourself to generate it, the better. We would suggest you get yourself to a blind well or Heroic Public Event where you will have access to a lot of Orbs of Power from other players, as this will allow you to cast your own super a lot. There will also be plenty of enemies to kill with your Masterworked Weapons.

If you need help get any other ingredients for the Dawning 2020, you can find a full list of them here.