How to Counter The Titan Void Bubble in Destiny 2 PvP

Void Titans are back! Unfortunately, that means adjustments on behalf of the players. Here’s what you can do to burst their bubble in Destiny 2.

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Defensive play in Destiny 2 is usually reserved for vets who understand the underlying mechanics of a game or event. Here’s how to counter a particularly bothersome Void Titan’s shield bubble.

Not to be a ‘player’ hater, but it’s pretty annoying to deal with pesky defenders in PvE, let alone PvP. It usually takes forever to bypass their defenses, and even now, the amount of firepower shields and barriers absorb is ridiculous. Lately, the Void-Power Titans have made a return to prominence thanks to their Ward of Dawn super, which pretty much makes objective-based game modes impossible for opposing teams. If you ever find yourself struggling to knock off these particular strategies when it comes to the Titan Void shield bubble, here’s a great strategy to counter them in Destiny 2.

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How to Counter The Titan Void Shield in Destiny 2 PvP

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To start this guide off, we must reiterate that in Destiny 2, a great offense always topples any kind of defense. This game is meant to be fast-paced, so anyone who’s trying to turtle up on an object or otherwise is usually food for experienced players. In fact, some may take pleasure in tossing a powerful grenade or super towards unsuspecting hiders. Hopefully, this guide will make the process of staying afloat easier.

Hit Them With the One-Two

The much-used but underappreciated melee abilities are what you need to handle ardent defenders in Destiny 2. Most of the time, it’s nearly a one-shot kill in close encounters, and nothing is more satisfying than landing a well-placed punch on an opposing player. In this particular case, we want to use the one-two punch perk, which allows gap closers like Tempest Strike for Hunters and Hammer Strike for Titans to do more damage when using a shotgun. This works well when storming the barrier and causing havoc, especially if you’re a Titan with Wormgod Caress gauntlets equipped.

What Should I be Aiming For?

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To put it simply, you should be aiming for the titan who’s causing the bubble to stay up. Taking them out causes the whole thing to go away, along with the health bonuses that are keeping them afloat. We must reiterate that this tactic only works with a one-two punch perk and a shotgun. Any other weapon won’t do, thanks to the health and regeneration bonus that the bubble provides.