Destiny 2 Phyllotactic Spiral God Roll guide – PvP and PvE rolls

A helpful pulse rifle that you can find in Destiny 2, while on Neomuna.

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The Phyllotactic Spiral is a highly sought-after pulse rifle you can earn in Destiny 2. For those who are looking to add a worthwhile pulse rifle to their collection, many players are looking at this as a solid choice for not only PvE for PvP activities in the game. It all comes down to the type of perks and your overall build, though. Here’s what you need to know about the best Phyllotactic Spiral god rolls for PvE and PvP in Destiny 2.

How to get the Phyllotactic Spiral in Destiny 2

The Phyllotactic Spiral can drop while completing the Lightfall campaign. If you want to add this weapon to your collection, our best advice is to repeat other Lightfall campaign missions on higher difficulties in the hope of getting a good drop. You may need to repeat the weekly Lightfall mission, or you might want to run through your favorite Beyond Legend missions for a chance to score this weapon relatively often. You won’t always acquire it, but this is one of the better ways to find this pulse rifle in Destiny 2.

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The best Phyllotactic Spiral perks in Destiny 2

You’ll find that the Phyllotactic Spiral will have used in both PvE and PvP arenas. The type of perks you’ll want to use for each category will vary, and you’ll want to narrow down your choices based on your build and how you plan to approach these activities with your team.

When battling in PvE, some of the preferred perks you’ll want to have on your Phyllotactic Spiral are going to be Keep Away, Tunnel Vision, Perfect Float, Voltshot, Kill Clip, and Frenzy. You can make a variety of combinations, with Voltshot, Kill Clip, and Frenzy in the second slot and Keep Away, Tunnel Vision, and Perfect Float in the first.

When it comes to PvP, there are a handful of similar choices when you’re trying to loot the Phyllotactic Spiral, but there are some standout differences. We’d recommend checking out Under-Over, Headseeker, Elemental Capacitor, and Gutshot Straight as some notable choices if you plan to use this pulse rifle for PvP.

All Phyllotactic Spiral stats

  • Impact: 33
  • Range: 58
  • Stability: 44
  • Handling: 26
  • Reload Speed: 32
  • Rounds per minute: 340
  • Magazine: 28

Phyllotactic Spiral PvE god rolls

  • Barrel: Arrowhead Brake
  • Magazine: Extended Mag
  • Perk 1: Keep Away
  • Perk 2: Voltshot
  • Masterwork: Reload Speed/Range
  • Origin Trait: Nanotech Tracer Rockets

Phyllotactic Spiral PvP god rolls

  • Barrel: Chambered Compensator
  • Magazine: Armor-piercing Rounds
  • Perk 1: Under-Over
  • Perk 2: Headseeker
  • Masterwork: Reload Speed/Range
  • Origin Trait: Nanotech Tracer Rockets