Destiny 2 Striking Light Mod – how to get it, what it does

Hit them hard.

Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

The Striking Light mod is a great option in Destiny 2 for Guardians who enjoy keeping a sword in their Power weapon slot. With many swords being quite powerful, this is a good way to build on one of the better weapons in the game. The mod is also very good on dedicated melee builds.

When this mod is equipped to an Arc armor piece, and while the player is Charged with Light, defeating combatants with melee damage and Swords spawns 1 Orb of Power for your allies and consumes one stack of Charged with Light.

This mod’s secondary perk is active when at least one other Arc mod is socketed into this armor, or when at least one other Arc Charged With Light mod is socketed into another piece of armor you are wearing. The damage reduction is around 25% and will give it when slotted with another arc mod, you do not need to be charged with light to benefit from this damage reduction.

To get the Striking Light mod, you will need to visit Banshee, the Gunsmith in the Tower. He will sell some random mods every day, and if you get lucky, you will discover that he is selling the Lucent Blade. It will cost 10 Mod Components, which can be earned by doing Banshee’s Daily Bounties.