Destiny 2 – What Is The Five Of Swords?

Destiny 2

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Five of Swords is a new mechanic that has been unveiled in Destiny 2. Xur arrived on Nessus today, and in his deep and mysterious pockets he had a new item for Guardians to buy. Xur is feeling generous though, and this new item is free of charge to any Guardian who wants it.

Five of Swords

The Five of Swords is an upgrade to your Nightfall challenge card. It gives players to opportunity to increase their score multiplier on the Prestige Nightfall. It will enable modifiers on the Nightfall, and keep track of your Score Multiplier and your Power Handicap. You can use it to either increase or decrease the handicap, making the Nightfall either more difficult, or easier to do.

Five of Swords
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You can also choose from a range of modifiers, that will add burns for various energy types. On top of that, you can choose from another group of modifiers that will change the way that individual Nightfalls will play out. These include Grenadier, Brawler and Heavyweight modifiers. You can either choose options that will make your life easier, or options that will add more difficulty to the Nightfall Strike.

Frankly, there are way too many modifiers for me to run through them all here, I strongly advise you have a look at the full list over on Destiny Tracker. It seems to be a way for the more veteran players in the community it increase the feeling of challenge and reward around Nightfalls, while also giving people who are new to the game a way to make them a little bit easier, should they need to. This is actually a really good mechanic, managing to straddle the line between being rewarding for some people who have put more time into the game, and also including people who might be new to Destiny 2.

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