How To Get Encrypted Cache Key In Warmind & How To Decrypt – Destiny 2

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Destiny 2 Warmind DLC brings new region and challenging events. Encrypted Cache Keys are one of them that can be quiet annoying if you don’t really know what to do with them. In this guide, we will be talking more about the Encrypted Cache keys and how to turn them to Decrypted Cache Keys.

Encrypted Cache Key Warmind

How To Earn Encrypted Cache Key

To get Encrypted Cache Key in Warmind DLC of Destiny 2 is bit tough, so there is no a fast way to earn them instantly. But it does not mean they are too tough to access, we had added the best possible way by which you can add them to your inventory.

Tips to Earn Encrypted Cache Key

You will have to first finish the story mission of Warmind DLC. First, play the story with your new acquaintance Ana Bray on Mars.

  • You can then access to other events. They are Strikes, Heroic Strikes, Heroic Adventure, Nightfall Strikes, Raids and Raid Lairs. Play all these events and you will start earning Rasputin Key Fragments.
  • Once you are having around 7 of them you have to head to Mars, to meet Ana Bray.
  • You can turn these seven fragments to single Encrypted Cache Key.

How to Decrypt Cache Key

This requires you to play the new Escalation Protocol Mode of Warmind DLC.

  • This one is the toughest part, because getting a Decrypt Cache key requires you to fight with a lot of Hive soldiers. Once you are having the Encrypted Cache Key, you will have to play Escalation Protocol mode. It is available on Mars. In this mode you will be fighting with Hive soldiers. You will have to defeat them in a certain time to increase your Level.
  • You have to earn Level Seven of Escalation Protocol to unlock a Decrypted Cache Key. Recommended power level to play this new horde mode is 380, which means you have to level up your character to max.
  • At the end of Level 7 you will also face a tough boss character in the Escalation Protocol mode. So the last one is not easy to finish. And having a lower level means suicide. After defeating the boss there will be a loot chest drop. This chest can be opened with Decrypted Cache Key.

Unlocking the final loot chest can reward you some really impressive rewards like Rasputin Armor. So working hard all the way through Level 7 and facing up a lot of hive soldiers is worth a try.

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