Diablo 4: How to Fix Fury Against Fate Bug

Diablo 4 players are experiencing some glitches in Fury Against Fate season 45glitch, here some ways to fix it.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo 4 has had a fairly smooth launch since it was released a week ago, but with any game, there are glitches and bugs that are going to pop up. Lately, players are experiencing some trouble with how to fix the Fury Against Fate bug. Once players have begun the quest, they will most likely also express a bug, but no stress, as this guide will teach players how to fix the glitch.

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How To Fix Fury Against Fate Bug In Diablo 4

Screenshot by Gamepur

The bug starts to appear when players make it to the Wasting Hollow dungeon and have spoken to Ealda. The Crane Tribe will completely ignore players instead of attacking them. Sadly, this is a common bug that many players are experiencing in this very part of the map. However, here are some ways that players can attempt to fix this glitch:

  • A common issue people have faced with the Crane Tribe not attacking is due to there being an event close by. One way this can be dealt with is by leaving the dungeon completely and clearing the event. Players will then want to quit the game and return to Ealda.
  • Attempt to log out and log back into Diablo 4. This will need to be done multiple times before it will have worked completely. Some players had reported doing this around 10 to 20-ish times before it worked.
  • Lastly, this is an odd troubleshooting suggestion, but players can try to change the World to Tier 1, and then the glitch seems to disappear for them.

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Hopefully, one of the above will help players solve this bug issue that plays Diablo 4 without them having to sit until the next patch note update or even next season.