Diablo 4 Season 3: What Are Seneschal Companions?

Players will be getting some extra help from their Seneschal Companion during Diablo 4 Season of the Construct, and this guide will explain what these new companions.


Image via Blizzard

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Diablo 4 will see its third season, Season of the Construct, introduce a new feature that will aid players during the season: a helpful little friend called the Seneschal Companion. This ally will follow players and use its own abilities and attack you’ll find to aid you in battle and play a key role in builds and gameplay during the season.

To help you get to grips with your new combat-focused buddy, we’ve compiled all the details we have on Seneschal Companion into this helpful guide, including what this ally can do, how to upgrade it, and how it will work alongside your character.

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What is the Seneschal Companion in Season of the Construct?

Image via Blizzard

The Seneschal Companion is a new feature introduced in Diablo 4‘s third season, Season of the Construct, which sees players get a spider-like creature as a combat companion that will accompany them for the duration of the season.

This helpful critter is acquired from the main seasonal questline. It is able to attack, tank, and support players with a selection of abilities that players can modify and customize to their liking and upgrade as they progress through the season and level up.

How does the Seneschal Companion Work?

Image via Blizzard

The Seneschal Companion will attack and use its abilities automatically while in combat, and these abilities can be swapped and modified using the two new items you’ll unlock and learn during the season through crafting and new Vault Dungeons. These items are called the Governing and Tuning Stones.

Governing Stones give your companion its main abilities, which can equip two. These include dealing more damage, applying support like Fortify to your character, or inflicting status effects on enemies.

Tuning Stones are designed to refine and alter these abilities, giving them increased areas of effect, longer durations, and more effects, to name a few. With these stones, you can equip three to each Governing Stone for a total of six.

Can You Upgrade Your Seneschal Companion?

Image via Blizzard

It is possible to improve and upgrade your Seneschal Companion using the Governing and Tuning Stones by leveling them up to enhance their power and, therefore, your companion’s power.

To do so, you’ll need to either earn more of these stones through Arcane Tremors or Vault Dungeons or craft them using Shattered Stone, a resource found during the season at the Jewelers.

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Using these methods, you will be able to fuse duplicate Stones and give them expereince, eventually leading them to level up and become more powerful.

Can You Customize the Look of Your Seneschal Companion?

Image via Blizzard

From what we currently know, it does not look like you will be able to customize your Seneschal Companions appearance, and you will only be able to modify their abilities and attacks.

Whether or not this is the case or whether it could change throughout the season remains to be seen. We must wait and see once the season officially begins on January 23, 2024.