Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Fix Touch of Magic Error for DreamSnap Challenges

This guide covers how to fix the Touch of Magic Items error for DreamSnap challenges in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Image via Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Trailer

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s DreamSnap challenge lets players enjoy the game’s community feature and participate in weekly challenges. Or, at least, it would if it weren’t for that Touch of Magic Item error that keeps popping up. In this guide, we’ll cover why the Touch of Magic Items error appears and how to fix it in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What Are Touch of Magic Items in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Touch of Magic is a customization tool in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This tool lets Players change the color and pattern of essential items. This means everyone can get custom clothes, accessories, and backpacks that no one else has.

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It’s all customization and games until it interferes with Disney Dreamlight Valley’s latest DreamSnap update. 

How to Fix Touch of Magic Items Error in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Screenshot by Gamepur

If this error pops up on your game, chances are you are wearing or have an item customized with Touch of Magic within the frame. This would be fine with regular DDV pictures, but Touch of Magic items are incompatible with the DreamSnaps challenge. Pictures with customized furniture or wardrobe items won’t work for any DreamSnap Weekly Challenge.

To fix this error and submit that DreamSnap challenge picture, remove any Touch o Magic clothing from your furniture and any Touch of Magic pieces within the frame. Once all these items are removed, retake the picture and submit it to the DreamSnap challenge.

Since the update, many players have reported encountering this error even when no Touch of Magic items are nearby. DDV Developers are aware of this issue and are working on a fix, as noted on their official site. So, if the error persists, wait for a future update or contact the game’s support for further assistance.