Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to Find the Conspicuous Book

It’s called the Conspicuous Book for a reason.

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Like many other comfy games that have come before and after Dreamlight Valley, going on object hunts is just a core part of the game. Friendship Quests do just as you’d think they would: improve Friendship with a specific character thanks to the effort you put into a quest. For one in particular, it involves the Conspicuous Book. There are many such examples of a specific item having multiple purposes. What may just be another item to you could be part of a quest for someone else, so it can be important to keep track of everything. Below, we have a quick guide on how to find the Conspicuous Book, for whatever reason you wish, in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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What is the Conspicuous Book Used for in DDV?

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With a title like that, it’s bound to be good for something, right? Even the item description admits there’s something funky going on with this tome. Aside from being a part of a quest, it’s also a key of sorts. If you just got your hands on it, you won’t have to wonder for very long to see what it does.

In the exact same room where you found the book, there should be a shelf along the wall. Going up to that shelf and putting that book right in the slot will open up a secret entrance. Guess that’s why they call it the Conspicuous Book and not the Subtle Book. Getting into that secret entrance rewards you with a ton of chests that contain rare goodies, such as gems and Night Shards. Also, on the chance that you need to craft something, there’s actually a crafting station in the room as well.

Where to Find the Conspicuous Book in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Image via Disney

If you need to find this book, whether for a quest or just to see what’s behind the secret door, you’ll need to get to know a certain iconic mouse first. In order to find the Conspicuous Book, players will need to reach Friendship Level 10 with Mickey. You’ll have to complete all of his Friendship Quests along the way, and during said quests, you help him find a mysterious room in the castle.

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Once you unlock this secret room, you can return to it at any time. The place is littered with junk, shelves, and books all over the ground. Many of them can’t be picked up, but there is one that can: The Conspicuous Book.