Do trees regrow in Sons of the Forest? Answered


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Players diving in to play Sons of the Forest are hacking their way through the wilderness for timber to create fortifications against the island’s mutant denizens. As a sequel to 2018’s The Forest, players could very much be under the assumption that they can channel their inner Paul Bunyan around a chosen settlement point, and eventually see the trees regrow over time through sleeping. Sons of the Forest has some underlying differences from the first game, however, and the trees of Site 2 might not be as hasty to regrow as in the previous title.

Do trees grow back in Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest is still in Early Access, so players are constantly working out the secrets to the island’s inner workings. The game features a robust weather system and has rotating seasons to further affect the environment. Trees in Sons of the Forest seem to grow back at a much slower pace than in The Forest, if they even grow back at all.

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In the previous title, you could cut down a tree and leave the stump for future growth. Every time you went to sleep, you would have a 10% chance of new trees sprouting from saplings next to the stump. Destroying the stump would result in the tree never growing back. Stumps are still a thing in the sequel, but players have yet to confirm whether or not they have an effect on tree regrowth.

In our time with the game so far, nothing has seemed to cause tree regrowth in an area. Sleeping appears to have no effect, and time passing did little in the way of bringing new growth. Some players hypothesize that tree regrowth may be affected by the season or weather, but no one has been able to confirm this as of yet.

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Hidden in the configuration files is some mention of tree settings, but unlike in The Forest, there is no toggle in the menu to switch between on and off for them growing back. Sons of the Forest seems to be trying to be a bit more realistic this time around, so tree regrowth might be super limited or slow in order to reflect this. One thing is for sure, players are already begging for a log sled to transport materials faster until a solid answer is confirmed. A sled is already in the game, yet it cannot transfer logs at the moment.