Does Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 have Warzone support? Answered

You may want to have both Modern Warfares installed on your platform for now.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s main menu is chockfull of game modes, from Multiplayer, Campaign, to even Special Ops. However, fans have been curious as to if the shooter is also bundled with the current iteration of Warzone. It is a perfectly reasonable question, as players can currently access the battle royale through its predecessor’s main menu. This guide will break down whether Modern Warfare 2 holds Warzone support and which other major Call of Duty title will soon be tied to the game.

Can you play Warzone from MW2?

As Modern Warfare 2 holds a different engine, it does not support the current Warzone. That means the battle royale will remain exclusively tied to 2019’s Modern Warfare and won’t have its own separate launcher, at least for the foreseeable future. However, MW2 will not be packaged by itself for long. The FPS is expected to be the primary home of Warzone’s very own sequel, Warzone 2.0, once it launches this November.

As a result, the two games are confirmed to have a range of cross-progression features, allowing players to progress future battle passes through either title they choose. The sequels will even share the same roster of Operators, including Ghost, Soap, and other iconic Modern Warfare characters. MW2’s selection of over 50 weapons are also said to be available in Warzone 2.0, ultimately letting fans continue leveling up their guns within the battle royale.

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Additionally, you can anticipate to see more than Warzone 2.0 debut within Modern Warfare 2. The latest Call of Duty will soon feature never-before-seen Raids that are linked to its Special Ops component. Although gameplay has yet to be revealed, it is slated to be a three-player cooperative mode that sends squads to a variety of locations to eliminate rigorous AI opponents and solve for an evacuation point.