Is Grounded cross platform/crossplay? Answered

Bring neighbors on whatever platform into the backyard.

Image via Obsidian

Grounded is a cooperative survival game that will test you at every turn. Trying to survive the backyard as a shrunken kid under the threat of the local bugs and building a base to thrive is an idea that is well known and tested at this point in games. These kinds of games are always more enjoyable with a friend, though. If you and a friend are playing on different platforms, is crossplay possible in Grounded?

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Does Grounded have Xbox/PC crossplay?

Grounded does indeed have cross-platform play enabled between PC and Xbox players. Since those are the only areas you can play the game, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation players miss out on the opportunity. If on console,  both Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions can play together as well.

Like other Xbox games, Grounded’s crossplay feature is automatically enabled and easy to make use of. All you need to do is have the host create a game, and anyone else playing will have to join the lobby. There are four playable kids to choose from, so the lobbies don’t get too big.

How to turn off cross platform play in Grounded

If you ever want to turn off cross-platform play for whatever reason, you can do so in the Settings of your Xbox. Go to Account, then Privacy & online safety. Go to Xbox Privacy and select Custom. After entering View details & customize, find Communication & multiplayer. Under You can join cross-network play, switch it to Block. Just set this setting back to Allow to turn it back on.