How to tame aphids as pets in Grounded

Aphids make the best pets.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you’re looking to add a new member to your Grounded family, you can pick between adding an aphid or a weevil to your base. These little insects won’t be doing too much or protecting you, but you can give them a better life by taking care of them. Plus, when you tame them as a pet, you’ll be able to pet them. Both of these insects require a certain type of food to tame them, and an aphid is only hungry for one thing.

When you’re ready to tame an aphid, you’re going to need to create a plant slurry. You can do this by crafting a Grinder, a crafting station that breaks down basic items and turns them into a wet slurry. While the plant slurry is not too complicated to make, the Grinder is tougher to craft. You’re going to need two crow feather pieces, two acorn shells, three flower petals, and five bombardier parts.

Once you have all of those ingredients, you can set the Grinder down in your base, and you’re ready to make the plant slurry. The only ingredient you need to make one of them is one plant fiber, which you can find nearly everywhere in the garden. We recommend making at least four to six of the plant slurries before attempting to tame an aphid.

The next step is to find an aphid. These insects are crawling all over the garden, so you shouldn’t have to wander too far from your base to find one. When you do, go into your inventory drop, and two of the plant slurries on the ground. You want to make sure there are no other aphids or weevils nearby. If there are, these insects might try to eat the slurries you dropped, disrupting the process. To properly tame an aphid, you need to make sure it eats two of the plant slurries you make in a row. Once it does, you’ll be able to approach the insect, and you can now pet it, confirming that you’ve tamed it.

The final step to make sure you can take care of it is to make a Pet House. Much like the Grinder, the Pet House requires several ingredients to craft. You’re going to need two weed stems, one acorn shell, four mushroom bricks, and two crow feather pieces. The mushroom bricks and crow feather pieces will be the most difficult items to acquire. After you’ve finished crafting the Pet House, approach it, and you can assign the pet to it, and you can rename the pet. The Pet House becomes the home of named insects, and you can read your pet’s stats whenever you approach.