Is Grand Theft Auto Online cross platform/crossplay? Answered

Can you play with friends on other consoles on one of the most popular games?

Image via Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto V’s online mode is easily one of the biggest and most popular video games from the 2010s. This is a game that has no end in sight, getting countless updates over the years with a dedicated community in tow. However, what about if you wanted to play with someone on another console? Is there crossplay for Grand Theft Auto Online?

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Does Grand Theft Auto Online have crossplay?

Unfortunately, Grand Theft Auto Online does not have cross-platform play available for any of its versions. If you want to play with friends, they will need to be on the same platform, and running the same version of the game as you. For example, if you are playing on PlayStation 5 and have the PS5 version downloaded, you will need to download the PlayStation 4 version to play with a friend who is playing on PS4. Also, if you transfer your character from the older generation to the new version, you will have to create a new character.

At this point, it is highly doubtful GTA Online will ever get crossplay. Speaking speculatively, we would bet that has to do more with Grand Theft Auto V originally releasing in 2013. That was before crossplay was really a feature thought to be viable like it is today. It is very disappointing they couldn’t work it in to the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions, but we highly expect the feature to be there for Grand Theft Auto VI whenever that comes out.