Does Harvestella have multiplayer? Answered

Can you get a friend to help at the farm?

Image via Nintendo/Square Enix

Harvestella, the life-sim from Square Enix, is finally out and players are eating up all the farming, relationships, and battles like there’s no tomorrow. Giving fans similar experiences to games such as Stardew Valley and the My Time at series, Harvestella brings the RPG and simulation genres together for a great experience. Some gamers may look at Harvestella and think that a bit of co-op would be exactly what would make it a top-tier title. Fortunately, we have the details you need about Harvestella’s co-op or multiplayer offerings.

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Is there co-op or multiplayer in Harvestella?

At launch, there is no multiplayer or co-op of the new RPG life-sim from Square Enix, Harvestella. Most games that have been released by Square Enix in the last years have been single-player exclusive, and Harvestella is no exception.

The experience is single-player from start to finish. Square Enix hasn’t talked about multiplayer features at all, which doesn’t sound promising for the fans that were expecting them. Though it is common for life-sim games to have some kind of multiplayer implemented, Harvestella isn’t following in those footsteps. This is not necessarily bad news, as you can still enjoy the story, gameplay, and setting, without any type of distractions.

Though there has been no news from Square Enix about multiplayer, it wouldn’t be shocking, if the game is successful enough, for them to implement co-op features. One can only imagine what the Harvestella experience would be like alongside a friend.

Until we hear more though, there’s still plenty to enjoy. Harvestella has all kinds of mechanics for you to get stuck into, including things like fishing, cooking, and even bridge repair. That said, make sure you learn how to manage your stamina so that you don’t run out of energy during your busy day.