Does Kyurem have a shiny version in Pokémon Go?

Does the legendary Ice and Dragon-type Pokémon have a shiny version you can catch?

Image via Niantic

Legendary Pokémon only show up every so often for a limited time in Pokémon Go. You can typically catch them in quests for exclusive research projects, or they will be one of the five-star raids that players can work together to take down. For players looking to battle and capture Kyurem, the legendary Ice and Dragon-type Pokémon, some wonder if it has a shiny variant available during its reign in the five-star raids.

Unfortunately, it looks like the shiny version for Kyurem has not been released yet. This is the second time it’s being featured in five-star raids, and Niantic has not given it the shiny treatment. Multiple Reddit posts following the Season of Celebration and the Kalos Celebration event list Kyurem as a non-shiny, and it’ll likely be the case throughout the rest of the month. Kyurem will be featured in five-star raids until the new year, on January 1, 2021.

For those interested in taking down Kyurem, we’ve listed the best way to beat it, sharing its notable weaknesses and some of the best Pokémon to use against it. Because it’s an Ice and Dragon-type Pokémon, we recommend using Fairy, Fighting, Rock, Steel-type Pokémon. We recommended using Metagross, Lucario, and Dialga. You’ll probably need five to seven other trainers to help take it down, or a couple less if you have powerful enough Pokémon.

If you were hoping to grind out Kyurem for the rest of December, feel free to do so, but if you’re looking to acquire its shiny version, you’ll have to wait until another year. Niantic has not pushed it to the game, but it’s still a decent Pokémon to use in the Ultra and Master Leagues, and we’ve listed Kyurem’s best moveset that it should use.