Does LEGO Fortnite Give Battle Pass XP

LEGO Fortnite is a separate game mode players can enjoy, but it’s tough to know if it’s worth playing if it doesn’t give Battle Pass XP.

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LEGO Fortnite is a fresh game mode within Fortnite that all players can enjoy. However, it’s difficult to know whether it’s worth investing any time in if it doesn’t give any Battle Pass XP. With so many skins on the line, every session with the game counts.

Every season of Fortnite is packed with rewards for players to pick up from the Battle Pass. These include skins, music, and various other cosmetics for players to pick up and customize their favorite characters with. However, it’s hard to justify time in this game mode if it doesn’t reward them for that time with progress to their Battle Pass. Thankfully, players don’t need to worry too much about missing out on Battle Pass XP.

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Do You Get Battle Pass XP by Playing LEGO Fortnite?

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Yes, players will earn Battle Pass XP by playing LEGO Fortnite. However, at the time of writing, there’s no way to complete quests to earn Battle Pass Starts, as players can do in the base game. Instead, when we played, we earned XP for our account level, which was awarded Battle Pass XP when we ended our session in LEGO Fortnite.

How to Earn More Battle Pass XP in LEGO Fortnite

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To earn more Battle Pass XP in LEGO Fortnite, players must complete as many activities as they can. This includes everything from building structures and raiding caves to seeking out Wolves, upgrading Villages, and even recruiting villagers. For roughly half an hour of running around, doing a bit of building, and almost dying in LEGO Fortnite, we earned enough Battle PAss XP for five Battle Pass Stars thanks to leveling up our account.

Every action generates a small amount of XP, but it’s not visible in LEGO Fortnite. In the base game, XP gains pop up in the middle of a match or custom map when players complete a task. With LEGO Fortnite, XP racks up in the background, and Battle Pass Stars will be awarded when players exit the mode.

Longer sessions in LEGO Fortnite will reap more Battle Pass XP. We suspect completing more complex tasks, such as upgrading villages and recruiting new villagers, will award players more XP for their time, so it’s better to focus on those instead of building a cozy farm and making a village look pleasing to the eye.