Does New World have mounts?

Find out if you can ride horses in New World.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

New World is Amazon Game Studios’ take on the MMORPG genre. The open world of the game has a lot to offer, and players indulging in it will have a lot to do. There are several game modes available in New World, and players will always have something different to try.

One of the major features that one would expect to be present in such a game is the ability to mount. However, as of now, there is no such feature in New World. According to game director Scot Lane to Wccftech in November of 2020, the entire region of New World is simply not big enough and doesn’t warrant the mounting feature. Furthermore, it is unlikely that we see the feature being added to the game in near future.

New World is still in the beta phase, so we can expect a lot of new features as time goes on. Aside from the mounting feature, we can anticipate additional locations, characters, quests, and an enhanced level cap in the future but not anytime soon. Increasing the max level cap, in particular, will ensure that players have a reason to continue their grind in the game. The current max level cap in the game is only 60, which players should be able to reach with consistent playing.