Does Rumbleverse have crossplay and cross-progression? Answered

Can you and your friends play Rumbleverse on different consoles?

Image via Iron Galaxy

Rumbleverse is the next big battle royale game published by Epic Games and developed by Iron Galaxy. Like many other high-profile online multiplayer games, the one question on every gamer’s mind is, “does Rumbleverse have crossplay and cross-progression?” With cross-platform play becoming more commonplace in AAA multiplayer games, the feature has become a must-have rather than a nice bonus. We all like to play online with our friends, no matter what console we play on. So, does Rumbleverse have a crossplay and cross-progression feature?

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Does Rumbleverse have crossplay and cross-progression?

Image via Epic Games

The Frequently Asked Questions page on the official Rumbleverse website goes over crossplay for the game and if it will be available on all consoles. The first answer on the page reveals that crossplay will be enabled on all platforms for the game. The response reads, “PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 with crossplay enabled.”

That means no matter what you’re playing Rumbleverse on, you can always play the game with your friends on any other platform. If you’re playing it on a PlayStation 4, you can play an online match with a friend who’s playing it on the Xbox Series X. Not only that, but the game will have cross-progression, which means all your progress and content can transfer to versions of the game on different platforms. For instance, whatever cosmetics and currency you have on Rumbleverse in the PS5 can transfer to your copy of the game on PC. But you need to link all versions of the game you own with your Epic Games Account.

Rumbleverse is a battle-royale game that focuses on hand-to-hand combat rather than shooting. The game has a cartoony aesthetic and takes direct inspiration from Pro Wrestling, Lucha Libre, and other professional hand-to-hand entertainment sports. The game was released on August 11 and is free to play.