Can you catch a shiny Snover in Pokémon Go?

What are your chances?

Image via Niantic

Pokémon is all about collecting an entire region’s worth of pocket creatures, adding them to your ranks, and battling against other trainers to make them stronger. A key thing about the collection process is acquiring shiny versions, and some trainers eek them out purely for that. In Pokémon Go, not every Pokémon has its shiny version, even if the Pokémon has been in the game for a reasonable amount of time. It varies when the developer Niantic releases them. This guide covers if you catch a shiny Snover in Pokémon Go.

Snover, in that regard, does have its shiny version. If you’re eager to capture it during its spotlight hour, or whenever it’s featured in a Community Day, be rest assured the Pokémon does have its shiny version, so you’ll want to use as many PokéBalls, incense, and lures to increase the chances of running into it. In contrast, these Pokémon may not have the best stats available to you, as those can be random too; having a shiny version with fantastic stats never hurts.

Snover evolves into Abomasnow, and it does have a Mega Evolution in the game. Abomasnow is a decent choice, especially for any trainer looking to compete with it in the Ultra or Master League. If you can earn enough XL candy and power it up, Abomasnow can be a powerful contender, but you may need to figure out how to build it and structure it in the roster properly.

We’ve listed out Abomasnow’s best moveset, so if you ever capture an ideal candidate to use while capturing shiny versions, it never hurts to double-check your teams.