Does the Dead Space remake have New Game Plus?

Prepare to witness an alternate ending in extremely powerful armor.

Image via Electronic Arts

In this latest generation of games, handfuls of single-player titles have followed the trend of having New Game Plus. This mode has become synonymous for allowing players to play through campaigns once more, but with the help of the gear and weapons they had earned previously. This could certainly come in handy with the remake of Dead Space, as its campaign difficulty options may have some begging for quality suits and upgrades right away. Luckily, the revamped horror game has a few surprises for fans who complete its story.

Is there a New Game Plus mode in the Dead Space remake?

Like the original, the Dead Space remake also offers up New Game Plus once one playthrough is finished, and you will earn several benefits when taking it on. For one, the mode transfers over players’ guns, upgrades, and suits from their last playthrough. It even bears its own exclusive features, as New Game Plus gives Isaac Clarke the opportunity to collect a Level 6 Advanced Soldier RIG suit and 12 Marker Fragments. Best of all, once all of the Marker Fragments are found, the campaign will then conclude with an alternate ending.

However, New Game Plus also has a few tricks up its sleeve. No matter your difficulty, the mode will include a more damaging type of Necromorph known as Phantoms. It is also worth pointing out that some abilties will need to be obtained again, ensuring the experience is anything but easy. For instance, powers such as Stasis and Kinesis do not transfer into New Game Plus.

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If you consider yourself an achievement or trophy chaser, you can essentially look at New Game Plus as a must-play. The remake of Dead Space features more than 40 achievements and trophies, with one requiring that you complete the mode. Those wanting to be fully equipped for the mode should set their eyes on upgrade benches in their first playthrough, as they grant you additional HP and stronger abilities.