Durr Burger Restaurant and Food Truck locations – Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5

Beefy goodness.


Durr Burger is a pretty famous site in Fortnite, having been in the game in some capacity for a very long time now. You may need to visit either the Durr Burger Restaurant or Food Truck for various challenges over the course of the season.

Because the map has been changed around a bit, you may not be entirely sure where you need to go. In this guide, we will show you where to find both locations. They may be relevant throughout the season for all manner of reasons, so don’t be surprised if a challenge sends you to either location at some point.

Durr Burger Restaurant

You can find the Durr Burger Restaurant at the site of the old sawmill, to the west of Weeping Woods. It’s a big place, with plenty of loot to find. You can also find the Beef Boss character here, handing out bounties for you to complete.

Durr Burger Food Truck

The Durr Burger Food Truck can be found to the north of the map, just east of the new Stealthy Stronghold POI. It is a pretty isolated place, with no real loot spawns, so you will want to head straight to Stealthy Stronghold, or south to Pleasant Park to get any decent loot.