Easiest Way To Wrack Up Electric Damage Kills In MW3 Zombies

It’s possible to go entire runs without getting electrical kills in Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies Mode, but it’s possible to get them with focus.

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Image via Activision Blizzard

There are various challenges for players to complete in Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies Mode, most of which are obscure. When it comes to causing elemental damage, such as electric damage, players can be left without a clue how to complete them.

The open world of Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies Mode is packed with exciting ideas, hidden secrets, and adventurous Contracts to explore, discover, and complete. It’s also home to some extremely strange concepts that players won’t be used to from the main game, such as elemental damage. The trouble is getting them to bend to the player’s will when they need them.

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How to Easily Build up Electric Damage Kills in Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies

Image via Activision Blizzard

Below, we’ve listed the easiest ways players can quickly get electric damage kills in Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies Mode. They all require a little work on the player’s part but will help them complete any and all challenges tasking them with dealing this specific type of electrical damage.

Use a Shock Stick

Shock Sticks are a fairly useless weapon in Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies, but they do deal electric damage. These must be unlocked by completing challenges for the armory. We needed to complete three daily challenges to unlock Shock Sticks.

Use a Dead Wire Ammo Mod

The Dead Wire Ammo Mod provides players with a chance that the bullets from the weapon they apply it to will electrocute enemies. This will paralyze the enemies and cause them to deal electric damage to those around them. We’ve found this Ammo Mod pretty frequently in-game because it pops up in ammo crates everywhere. It’s also a common reward for completing Contracts.

Drink an Elemental Pop Soda

Elemental Pop Soda is one of the many Perk-A-Colas in Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies. It applies random elemental effects to the bullets players shoot, meaning players can use every elemental effect from across all Ammo Mods if they survive long enough.

While this isn’t a guaranteed or reliable method for dealing electric damage, we’ve used it often enough that we know it works. In fact, it’s the easiest way we’ve been able to deal electric damage in the game so far.

Use the Tesla Storm Field Upgrade

The Telsa Storm Field Upgrade causes electrical currents to blast through the players in a squad, dealing electric damage to enemies. This Field Mod can be picked up by completing Contracts or from Aether Nests around the map.

We rarely encounter Field Mods in Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies because they’re scarce. They appear most in the Medium to High Threat areas of the map, where they’re necessary to keep the zombie numbers down. However, if a squad can get it, they’ll find traversal easy for the rest of the match.

Why Use Electrical Damage in Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies

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Players should be using electrical damage where possible in Call of Duty: MW3 Zombies Mode because it instantly kills enemies and paralyzes them so they can’t attack the player for a short time. This allows players to effectively stun foes so they can get some space and heal up or refill their armor.

We adore electric damage because it can pin tough enemies in place, particularly in the Medium to High Threat Zones. It’s essential for any run into those areas, and the best way to acquire it is by loading up on decent loot in earlier runs and saving it for a later run with a full set of upgraded kit ready to go from the drop.