Every game type in Minecraft Championship, and how they work

It’s place the bricks or hit the bricks in this championship mini-game compilation.

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Minecraft Championship is an online tournament in which 10 teams of four content creators compete in a series of Minecraft-structured mini-games as a show-match of their mechanical talents. After each challenge they successfully complete, players are awarded a number of coins contributing to their team’s coin total, with the most wealthy team emerging victorious.

The competition consists of eight mini-games for the competitors to choose from, out of a total of 10 unique mini-games. Where each event tests a different skill, Minecraft Championship provides a lot of variety for players accepting its challenges.

Ace Race

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Ace Race is a three-lap, multi-stage race that involves running, swimming, and flying around the course in the fastest time possible. Provided with an elytra for flying and a trident for dashing through the water, players are encouraged to carve their own path along the racetrack, cutting as many corners through the environmental set-pieces as the game will allow.

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Battle Box

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Battle Box is a bracket-style PvP event in which two teams face off in a 4v4 arena with the goal of placing as many of their team’s wool blocks in the center of the arena as possible. If both teams have placed wool at the center by the end of the one-minute round timer, the team with more blocks placed will be declared the winner.

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Big Sales at Build Mart

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In Big Sales at Build Mart, players are shown three complex builds, and are tasked with replicating them within a limited amount of time. The catch to this process is that, in order to gain the materials necessary to build, they must first gather them from the “Build Mart,” a massive building supply supermarket.

Shoppers push a minecart “shopping cart” along tracks through the aisles, placing the building supplies they need in the cart along the way. However, pits wait at certain portions along these tracks, meaning that a wrong turn can dump the entire contents of their cart, forcing them to start their shopping list over.

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Grid Runners

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Grid Runners is another race challenge, but this time, players race to complete a sequence of eight challenges. Each team is sectioned off into an identical copy of the course, which contains eight separate rooms to house each challenge.

The challenge included in each room can vary greatly, ranging from combat to puzzle solving to crafting. All that matters between each challenge is that the doors separating one room from the next will open once the current room’s challenge has been completed.

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Hole in the Wall

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An obstacle-based platform mini-game, Hole in the Wall places all players on a small platform at the center of an arena. Walls of slime will approach the platform from all four sides, each with scattered holes that players must fit themselves through. Over the course of three rounds, three minutes each, the walls will knock players off of the platform and eliminate them.

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Parkour Tag

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Parkour Tag divides players from different teams up into 3v1 arenas. Where one player volunteers as “hunter,” the four play tag, with hunters rewarded with coins for every player tagged and runners conversely rewarded for how long they manage to avoid the hunter. This game is played over a total of nine rounds, allowing each player in a group to play hunter three times each.

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Sands of Time

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Sands of Time is a team-based scavenger hunt in which players search a hostile mob-filled temple for coins. Exploring the temple, players can find sand, a resource that can be brought back to the starting area to extend the time that the team has within the dungeon, or used to revive a dead teammate.

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Sky Battle

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A tournament spin on the popular Skywars battle royale multiplayer gamemode, players must travel from floating island to floating island, using their resources to equip themselves for combat. Over the course of three four-minute rounds, teams eliminate other players as the playable map shrinks, proceeding until one team remains.

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Survival Games

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The ubiquitous battle royale game-mode among Minecraft players, Survival Games need very little introduction. Players have one round to search the map for gear that can bear practically endless levels of enchantment, engaging each other in PvP combat as the map’s diameter shrinks. The winning team will survive the final fight at the map’s center.

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This garbled acronym, otherwise known as To Get to the Other Side and Whack a Fan, involves one tournament viewer who is invited to participate as this mini-game’s goal. Players must traverse a long and open-concept environment, using blocks, tridents, scaffolding, or any other equipment that they can get their hands on, to reach the end of the course and punch the viewer. Competing players may also sabotage each others’ platforming methods in order to get ahead.

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