Every Tracer skin in Overwatch 2, and how to get them

Dress the leading mascot in almost two dozen outfits.

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Although the original Overwatch may be dead and gone, Tracer mains can still get their fix of the Damage class Hero in Overwatch 2. She returns with her Pulse Bomb Ultimate and Pulse Pistols intact, though her new Passive now grants her extra speed upon eliminating enemies. Players eager to use her powers can also do so in outfits of all colors and rarities. This guide will examine each Tracer skin available in Overwatch 2 and how you can obtain them.

How to get all Tracer skins in Overwatch 2

Unlike most Heroes, you are able to play with Tracer and unlock a majority of her outfits right away. However, as these skins were also available in the first Overwatch, there is an option to simply transfer all of your previously earned cosmetics to the sequel. Meanwhile, skins you haven’t collected can either be bought from the Shop during events or from the Heroes menu with Coins. All Tracer skins in Overwatch 2 can be found below, in order of rarity.

Cadet Oxton (Legendary)

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Cadet Oxton takes the shape of an intergalactic military outfit with blue armor and a matching cap. The cosmetic is an Archives skin that typically is found in the shop.

Cavalry (Legendary)

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Players can turn Tracer into a British soldier from the Revolutionary War with Calvary, a skin that rocks a blue and red vest as well as a black tricorne. It is also an Archives outfit that only makes its way to the shop.

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Graffiti (Legendary)

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One of the more modern takes on Tracer is Graffiti. The skin sports a baggy blue hoodie, gas mark, and splashes of various paint colors down her pants. However, it only becomes available in the shop, as Graffiti is an Anniversary skin.

Hong Gildong (Legendary)

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Inspired by historic Korean clothing, Hong Gildong is a dramatic change from Tracer’s default suits. It sports a straw hat and blue body armor which holds a bright yellow light at the center. The Lunar New Year outfit is a skin exclusive to the in-game shop.

Jingle (Legendary)

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Get yourself into the Holiday spirit with none other than Jingle. The Legendary cosmetic places Tracer into an all-green elf costume with pointy boots and a classic Santa cap. As one can expect, Jingle is a part of the Winter Wonderland Event, so it is exclusive to the shop.

Mach T (Legendary)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Mach T is an even more colorful spin on the Hero, lending a blue and orange race suit as well as a helmet that matches her forearms. Thankfully, potential buyers can get their hands on this in no time, as it is priced at 1,900 Coins in the Heroes menu.

Nezha (Legendary)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Tracer may be an offensive character, but the Nezha skin takes its inspiration from a Chinese protection deity of the same name. Those dazzling Nezha will have themselves fire red arm and leg braces, teal armor, and a set of gorgeous hair buns. The skin is a part of the Lunar New Year set and is only available through the shop.

Punk (Legendary)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Punk seemingly transports Tracer into the 1980s with this ensemble of gear. It gives owners a menacing biker jacket and a set of bright pink pants to go along with her dyed hair. The skin can be purchased from the Heroes menu for 1,900 Coins.

Slipstream (Legendary)

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The Legendary Slipstream skin envisions Tracer as an aviator with a clean pair of shades and dark blue suit. It is available to those who have previously purchased one of three Overwatch editions: Origins, Game of the Year, or Legendary.

Sprinter (Legendary)

Screenshot by Gamepur

A recolor of the Track and Field skin, Sprinter dawns a variety of athletic equipment, from orange running apparel to a stopwatch strapped to her chest. The Summer Games outfit can be bought at any time for 1,900 Coins.

T. Racer (Legendary)

Screenshot by Gamepur

If Mecha T’s color scheme is not your cup of tea, you may want to check out its T. Racer variant. Those who purchase the suit for 1,900 Coins will have white racing gear with hints of yellow running down its sides and shoes.

Tagged (Legendary)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Although Tagged does share the same clothes as Graffiti, it is a stretch to write the cosmetic off as just a recolor. Instead, the skin shakes up its design with a myriad of sprayed drawings on almost every inch of material. You can expect this Anniversary getup to come to the shop on occasion.

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Track and Field (Legendary)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Tracer struts the colors of the Union Jack, and the flag itself, thanks to the Legendary Track and Field skin. It is a shop cosmetic that first appeared in Overwatch’s Summer Games Event.

Ultraviolet (Legendary)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Punk may be one of the most hardcore renditions of Tracer we’ve seen yet, but it is not as edgy as its Ultraviolet recolor. It trades in Punk’s pink leggings and hair to give the Hero an entirely black and white style. Better yet, it can be obtained from her cosmetics screen for 1,900 Coins.

Will-O’-Wisp (Legendary)

Screenshot by Gamepur

With its sharp-toothed Pumpkin companion and spooky blue skin color, there is no Tracer skin quite as daunting to enemies as Will-O’-Wisp. This Halloween Terror Event cosmetic is sold for 1,900 Coins from the Heroes menu.

Lightning (Epic)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Lightning is cold hard proof that even Epic-rarity skins provide unique spins to Heroes. This takes the form of a tight, black and yellow race suit and also showcases Tracer with a blond fohawk. However, it is an Anniversary skin that only makes appearances in the shop.

Posh (Epic)

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If you desire Tracer to uphold a lavish lifestyle, the Posh skin may be your next purchase. It is always up for grabs at the price of 1,000 Coins and displays a fresh, white body suit with golden armguards and shoes.

Rose (Epic)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Rose is a darker take on Posh, dressing Tracer in only black and copper materials. Although, the skin can only be unlocked when it arrives to the in-game store.

Sporty (Epic)

Screenshot by Gamepur

It is not as detailed as most Epic skins, but Sporty is perfect for those who want a clean, all-black design. But, to give itself a bit of personality, you can find its name written in lime green across its left pant-leg. Players with 1,000 Coins can earn this skin through Tracer’s cosmetics screen.

Electric Purple (Rare)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Tracer fans who want a slight chance from her iconic jumpsuit do have a fair selection of Rare skins that simply alter the color of her pants. Electric Purple is just one example of this, a cosmetic priced at a measly 300 Coins.

Hot Pink (Rare)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Hot Pink is another Rare cosmetic being sold for 300 Coins, though its pants are surely easier to spot from a distance.

Neon Green (Rare)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Neon Green may only be 300 Coins, as well, but the refreshing recolor does have us wanting even more green Tracer skins.

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Royal Blue (Rare)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Unlike all other Rare skins, Royal Blue is the only one to supply players two different colors to Tracer’s bottoms. The 300 Coin cosmetic starts with a sky blue at her waists and slowly becomes darker the further the pants go.