Everything we know about Liuyun in Genshin Impact

A brand new character seems to be on the way.

Image via miHoYo

The Genshin Impact playerbase has an endless thirst for information about the game. 1.4 will be arriving on March 17, but rumors and leaks are already swirling around 1.5, which should be arriving at the end of April.

The new of an upcoming beta for 1.5 has sent the rumor mill into overdrive, as the implication is that the April update will contain a considerable amount of new content.

One of the 1.5 rumors is that a new character called Liuyun will be arriving in the game. Anyone hoping for details about this character will be a little bit disappointed, as right now everything is very much in rumor mode.

Liuyun will be apparently be a Cloud Retainer in human form, armed with a Claymore and wielding Cryo abilities. She is also rumored to be a 5 Star character, which would make her the first 5 Star physical-damage focused character in the game.

She is also rumored to have some bursty spells that will potentially make her the game’s first off-field physical damage character, although this seems somewhat unlikely as so far miYoHo likes to design greedier, on-field physical damage characters.

Liuyun is also rumored to arrive with her own quest. Apparently, the arrival of the Geo Primo and Vishaps is an indicator that the seals of the Chasm are weakening, and it will be up to Liuyun to seal them again.

That is all that is known about her right now, and everything here is either a leak or a rumor that is impossible to verify. We will be keeping our eyes open for more updates, rumors, and information about Liuyun in Genshin Impact, and updating this article as we learn more.