Everything We Learned About Spells & Secrets from Developer’s AMA

Spells and Secrets developers took to Reddit to share behind-the-scenes details with future fans of the cozy magical game

Spells and Secrets Nintendo

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Magic fans are getting an exciting new game in the form of Spells & Secrets, a rogue-lite set at a magic school. In anticipation of the upcoming release, the developers hosted a Reddit Ask Me Anything thread where fans got a behind-the-scenes look at the game.

If you’re a fan of cozy games and magic, Spells & Secrets may well be on your radar as an upcoming cozy game to watch. During their AMA, the game’s creators at Alchemist Interactive answered a wide range of questions from future fans of the game, giving us some insight into the game itself and the creative process behind its inception.

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What Platforms Will Be Included in the Spells & Secrets Release on November 9th?

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While the AMA was hosted on r/NintendoSwitch in celebration of the game coming to the Nintendo Switch console, the developers confirmed that Spells & Secrets will be available across multiple platforms on release day.

According to Alchemist Interactive and game publisher Rokaplay, the November 9th release will include Nintendo Switch, Steam (PC), Xbox Series X/S, and Playstation 5.

How Often Does Spells & Secrets Autosave?

Courtyard Combat Spells and Secrets
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While the ideal scenario for a cozy game is to settle in with it for hours at a time, that’s not the reality for most of us. Many players want to know how easy it will be to dip in and out of Spells & Secrets, including questions about how often the game would autosave while playing.

In response, Alchemist Interactive let us know that the game will autosave whenever players enter a new floor during a run. This should make it relatively easy to pause in the middle of a run and resume your gameplay later on if you need to take a break to attend to muggle business.

What Does Co-Op Look Like for Spells & Secrets?

Co Op Spells and Secrets
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Spells & Secrets will have a co-op mode, which the developers confirmed will be local only. The co-op version of the story can be played start-to-finish with another user with a relatively similar experience to that of single-player.

Alchemist Interactive also confirmed that there are currently no plans for any online multiplayer functionality for Spells & Secrets.

What Do We Know About Gameplay for Spells & Secrets?

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Naturally, the main thing we want to know about a new game is what it’s like to actually play it! Many users asked questions about different elements of gameplay for Spells & Secrets, so let’s touch on the basics.

  • Players can customize their characters and interact with the world to change their standing with the different factions that exist in the game world at Greifenstein school
  • Gameplay features rogue-lite elements with a sandbox approach, in which the players work to defeat a big boss, learning new spells and solving puzzles while also engaging in combat.
  • There are no romance options available in Spells & Secrets, though you can interact with your classmates to unlock clues and hints towards your larger goal

Are There Different Difficulty Settings in Spells & Secrets?

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Whether you prefer to play in hardcore mode or take it easy, many gamers like to know whether they can adjust the difficulty settings of a game up front. In the case of Spells & Secrets, the answer is no.

You won’t be able to choose between easy, normal, and hard mode, but you can develop your character’s skills to make certain elements of the game easier over time. The developer also mentioned that playing in co-op can potentially reduce the difficulty of certain gameplay moments, as well.

As our official start date at the magical Academy of Greifenstein approaches, it’s exciting to grab all the information we can to make sure we arrive at school ready to cast magic, solve puzzles, and explore the story of this new magical game.