Everything you need to know about the Bone Chill Event in Dead By Daylight

Now survivors can hide from killers in random snowmen scattered throughout the map.

Screenshot via Behaviour Interactive

A new Holiday-themed event is available right now for players of Dead by Daylight. The new event is titled the Bone Chill, and it will include new Holiday-theme aesthetics, items, and a new snowman feature. Keep reading below to know everything that will be part of the event.

Winter Wonderland

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Maps will be decked with Holiday-themed aesthetics and will be covered with a layer of snow. The hooks, barrels, generators, and lockers will be decorated with Christmas lights. There will also be a Winter Party Starter item available to players that will be part of the blood web.

New Snowmen Feature

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Snowmen will now be scattered throughout each map, six in total for each trial. Survivors can hide in the snowmen and even be able to move while in them. However, a killer can easily destroy a snowman by simply slashing at it once, and the survivor will get damaged.

Performing a unique interaction with a snowman as a survivor or killer will reward players exclusive cosmetic rewards. Players can earn only one random winter cosmetic award at the end of each trial. A survivor can earn a holiday cosmetic award by either successfully escaping while inside a snowman or if they use a snowman to protect themselves from a Killer’s attack. Killers can gain a winter cosmetic if they hit a snowman while a survivor is hiding inside.

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New Cosmetics

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Participating in the Bone Chill event will give players an opportunity to receive new Ugly Sweaters for characters Yun-Jin Lee, Mikaela Reid, and Jonah Vasquez. Players can also unlock new holiday theme weapons for The Wraith and The Hag and a new Frosty Eyes cosmetic for The Trickster and The Artist.

There are also new Resident Evil Ugly Sweaters that Leon and Jill can wear that players can buy. New winter-themed charms called Cocoa Dip, Christmas Inferno, and Gift Hatch will be available for players to collect as well.

Daily Bonuses

Image via Behaviour Interactive

From now and until January 6, 2022, players will receive daily in-game rewards for logging into Dead by Daylight. Each gift period begins at 11 AM ET and ends exactly 24 hours later. The daily rewards are in-game currency, including Bloodpoints, Iridescent Shards, and Rift Fragments.

Instagram Filters and Holiday E-Cards

Screenshot via Behaviour Interactive

Fans of Dead by Daylight can now use a new Instagram filter to make them look like survivor Dwight in his Mr. Elf costume. There is another Instagram filter that will make the viewer look like the new killer, The Artist.

Fans of the game can also buy electronic holiday cards that feature characters from the game to gift out to people. The E-Cards can either have familiar faces like Dwight or new faces like The Artist or Mikaela Reid. These E-Cards won’t be available until December 16.