Farming Simulator 22 Contracts, explained

Make mistakes working for other farmers first.


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While the main draw of Farming Simulator 22 is to start your own farm and not only live but thrive off of the land, you sometimes still need to work for someone else before you can be successful by yourself. Luckily, the game is filled with Contracts that you can take on for neighboring farmers to earn a little cash and, more importantly, get some experience under your belt. This guide explains what Contracts are and why you might want to take them on.

What are Contracts?

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Contracts are effectively missions in Farming Simulator 22. Other farmers around you will have jobs that they don’t want to do or don’t have the time to do themselves, so they offer them as a Contract. You can find Contracts in the game’s menu and choose to take them on with your own equipment or rent some fresh equipment from a nearby shop. Contracts task you with harvesting, cultivating, fertilizing, and doing everything you’d do on your own farm, but you’ll get paid for completing a Contract.

Why take on Contracts?

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There are two reasons to take on Contracts in Farming Simulator 22. The first is to earn money, which can help you if you start on one of the higher difficulty settings. The second is to get some experience without messing up your own farm. You may not know what order to do things when you first start playing, but by watching the seasonal timeline and completing Contracts, you can get an idea of how this farming thing works very quickly. Of course, you can also make as many mistakes as you want without your own equipment or fields being at risk.