Farming Simulator 22 difficulty levels explained

Know which one is right for you.


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Farming Simulator 22 is a game that expects you to already know what you’re doing and gives you very little to go on when starting a new save file. One of the most significant choices you’ll make when starting a new game is the difficulty level, and that will determine how enjoyable the dozens of hours you put into your farm are. This guide explains all three difficulty levels in the game to help you make an informed decision.

New Farmer: Easy

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New Farmer is described as the easiest difficulty. Starting a game as a new farmer means that you begin your journey with a decent amount of land to work and the equipment to do it with. The gameplay settings will be at their easiest, allowing you to cut a few corners here and there with cultivating and harvesting, and the economy is in a good state. Overall, you’ll stand to make much more money in this mode, and you shouldn’t run up against too many issues while farming.

Farm-Manager: Medium

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Playing as a farm manager is right in the middle when it comes to difficulty. While you don’t start with any money, you do have a substantial amount of cash to buy some with. This also helps you acquire the equipment you’ll need to work the land and make it profitable. The economy is stable in this mode, meaning that your profit margins might be thin on some products unless you can increase the economy of scale on them. Grain prices are reasonable though, and you’ll be able to benefit from standard gameplay settings. You may hit a few snags, but you’ll be able to bounce back from them pretty quickly if you know what you’re doing.

Start From Scratch: Hard

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Farming Simulator 22 describes this difficulty mode as realistic, which is more challenging than anything else the game offers. Prices for goods are low, the economy is down in the dumps, and you’re already in debt with the bank. From that point, you’ve got to buy land and equipment and somehow start to turn a profit if you want to survive. Everything is set to realistic, so if you miss one bout of fertilizing, spraying, cultivating, or anything else, your crops will suffer. This is the mode to play if you want to hate the rain as real farmers do.