Farming Simulator 22 global release times schedule

Start farming the second it’s available.


Image via Giants Software

Giants Software has revealed the global release times for Farming Simulator 22. The game officially launches on November 22, but these timings show that, in reality, it will release across November 21 and 22 with a simultaneous worldwide launch. This guide covers when the game will be available on a per timezone basis.

What time does Farming Simulator 22 release?

Image via Giants Software

Farming Simulator 22 releases at the following times in each timezone.

  • Vancouver: 3 PM PT November 21
  • Los Angeles: 3 PM PT November 21
  • New York: 6 PM EST November 21
  • Sao Paulo: 8 PM BRT November 21
  • London: 11 PM GMT November 21
  • Paris: 12 PM CET November 22
  • Moscow: 2 AM MSK November 22
  • Hong Kong: 8 AM HKT November 22
  • Sydney: 10 AM EST November 22

As soon as the game is live, you’ll be able to download it and start farming in the most advanced gaming simulation game released to date. Farming Simulator 22 boasts more authentic vehicles than any other game in the genre, packs in seasons, and has one of the most realistic difficulty settings on the market. Giants Software is also already working with modders to bring mods to all players and updates and expansions with new vehicles, production lines, and much more.