FIFA 22: How to unlock perks in Career Mode

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Perks are a new addition to FIFA 22, and this feature will not be limited to Pro Clubs. Perks will also be a part of Career Mode, and these are simply additional attribute boosts that can be added to your character. So, what do you need to do to unlock perks in Career Mode?

To unlock perks, you will need to grind out XP. This will allow you to level up, and leveling up is important because perks can be unlocked as you move up in rank. So in short, the more you level up, the more perks you can unlock. FIFA 22 players can have as many as three perks active for your created player.

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Keep in mind that FIFA 22 will have quite a few perks to choose from. Some will boost the attributes for your individual character, while others act as boosts for the entire team. Since you will have a limited amount of active perk slots, you will need to choose wisely before entering game action. Make sure to study the description of each, as you will then be able to plan out which ones you want to use, and which ones can help mask some deficiencies should you struggle.

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