Final Fantasy 16: How Long Does it Take to Beat Main Story & Completionist

Find out how much time you’ll get to spend with Clive in Final Fantasy 16 both for the main story and to complete the game 100%.

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Final Fantasy 16 is an epic role-playing game with a massive world map and an intriguing story. One of the questions that often arises among players is how long it takes to beat the game. This guide will explore the two main playstyles: focusing on the main story and embarking on a completionist playthrough. 

Final Fantasy 16: Main Story Length

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The main story of Final Fantasy 16 is an engaging and thrilling experience that takes players through a carefully crafted narrative. If players decide to stay on the beaten track, follow the main objectives, and take their time to immerse themselves in the story, they can expect to spend approximately 30-35 hours completing the main storyline. This duration allows for a balanced pace, enjoying the cutscenes, engaging in battles, and progressing through the central plotline. 

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However, playtime will decrease significantly if they prefer a faster pace and choose to skip cutscenes or dialogue. The main story can be completed in less than 20 hours by opting for a more streamlined approach. This approach is suitable for players who prioritize gameplay mechanics and action, aiming to acquire the conclusion quickly while still experiencing the core elements of the narrative.

Final Fantasy 16: 100% Completion Length

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For those who relish the exploration of every nook and cranny, completing every side quest, and unraveling all the game’s secrets, a completionist playthrough is a way to go. A 100% completion run in Final Fantasy 16 entails thorough exploration, assisting every character encountered, and fully immersing yourself in the game world. 

A completionist playthrough typically takes around 50-80 hours, depending on the player’s thoroughness and dedication to exploring all available content. This includes discovering hidden areas, engaging in optional boss battles, finding collectibles, completing side quests, and fully upgrading characters and equipment. I guess this would account for the countless minutes I spent talking to every NPC to flesh out the world and chasing sparkly blue collectibles scattered across the world. 

This game is like a buffet of content, where every side quest, hidden item, and secret boss battle adds to your bragging rights. It’s also got its fair share of post-endgame content. So if you’re the kind of gamer who loves to plunge headfirst into a game’s world