Final Fantasy 16 – Masterless Marauder Hunt Guide, Location, & How To Defeat

Here’s how to complete the Masterless Marauder Notorious Mark, defeat King Behemoth and complete Nobody’s Tool in Final Fantasy 16.

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Ever since Final Fantasy 2, Behemoth has been a force to be reckoned with in Final Fantasy games. In Final Fantasy 16, the Behemoth King is portrayed as a massive Imperial Dog laying waste to everything and everyone around Waloed soil. During the Nobody’s Tool sidequest, Clive will be tasked with mastering this beast and clearing this Notorious Mark off the Hunting Board.

Here is everything that you need to know about the Behemoth King in Final Fantasy 16 and how to defeat it.

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Final Fantasy 16: Masterless Marauder Notorious Mark

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  • Unlocks: Back to Their Origins Main Quest
  • Side quest required: Nobody’s Tool
  • Rank: S
  • Rewards: 20000 Gil and 55 Renown

Final Fantasy 16: Behemoth King Location

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Teleport to the Vidargraes Obelisk in Waloed. This Obelisk will spawn you right across the Behemoth King.

Remember that Dory’s Nobody’s Tool side quest needs to be accepted before he can spawn. Once this side quest is started, The Masterless Marauder post will appear on the Hunting Board.

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Final Fantasy 16: How to Defeat Behemoth

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Four HorsemenPlaces four parallel markers on the ground and rains four explosive fireballs toward them. The explosion deals AoE damage coming from all sides.Stand in the center of the four markers to avoid all incoming damage with one timely jump.
Dog SpinPerforms a 360 spin, dealing close-range damage.Dodge backward.
ChargeCharges directly at Clive.Dodge to the side.
Tail SweepSweeps the area behind it with its tail.Dodge backward.
Hand SlamSlams its hand over Clive, dealing close-range damage.Dodge backward or to the side. Alternatively, try to parry this attack to create an opening.
MaelstromCreates a black tornado around Clive’s position. Then, places several markers on the ground indicating where lightning bolts will land.Leave the area affected by the tornado and the lightning bolts.
Reign of FireRains several fireballs across the arena. The fireballs explode upon contacting with the ground, spreading AoE damage.Stand in the unmarked areas to avoid getting hit by the fireballs, then jump over the waves of spread damage.