Final Fantasy 16 – Whitewyrm Bone Uses & How To Get It

The Whitewyrm Bone can help you reinforce your gear in Final Fantasy 16’s late game.

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Whitewyrm Bone is a valuable resource in Final Fantasy 16, and obtaining it is a significant milestone in the game. Still, though the crafting mechanic is super straightforward in this game, getting materials isn’t always as easy. You’ll often want to craft or reinforce a weapon or equipment, only to find you’re missing essential crafting material. This likely is why you’re after the Whitewyrm Bone: that Diamond Sword, that Diamond Sashthat, and those Diamond Armlets aren’t going to upgrade themselves.

Here is everything you’ll need to know about how to get Whitewyrm Bones in Final Fantasy 16 and its potential uses in the game.

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How to Get Whitewyrm Bone in Final Fantasy 16

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To get Whitewyrm Bone, players must progress through the main story until reaching the “Fire in the Sky” main quest. During this quest to destroy yet another Mothercrystal, the powerful near-end game boss White Dragon can be encountered.

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This main quest is an epic, cinematic boss fight in the Crystalline Dominion. Though the White Dragon’s icy moves won’t be easy to deflect, it’ll drop 3 Flawless Whitewyrm Bones when defeated. He’ll also drop some sharp fangs and bloody hides along with this material. Still, it’s likely your inventory is already full of these items.

How to Use Whitewyrm Bone in Final Fantasy 16

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Wyrm Bone can be used to reinforce weapons. By reinforcing weapons with Whitewyrm Bone, weapons can provide a substantial advantage in combat. Use this rare crafting material wisely to enhance your arsenal and become a formidable force in Final Fantasy 16.

Once you’ve acquired a Whitewyrm Bone, head to the Hideaway and speak with Blackthorn. Then, choose the option to reinforce gear. Select the Diamond Sword, Diamond Sashthat, and Diamond Armlets. Use all three Whitewyrm Bones from the White Dragon to reinforce this gear.