Final Fantasy XIV: All Anabaseios The Tenth Circle Gear Loot Drops

The next battle in Anabaseios pits you against Pandamonium in Final Fantasy XIV, and this guide covers all the loot you can get from it.

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The second level of the Anabaseios Raids in Final Fantasy XIV is the next encounter for you and your party to attempt for the third set of Pandæmonium Raids. The battle in The Tenth Circle takes place in the Dæmonic Dungeon, and our team of adventurers will be taking on Pandæmonium.

Upon completing the fight in The Tenth Circle, we’ll be rolling on several pieces of loot. This loot is unique to the Pandæmonium raids in Final Fantasy XIV, and you redeem it for powerful items to improve your gear, preparing you for more dangerous challenges ahead.

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Every Item on Anabaseios The Tenth Circle Loot Table in Final Fantasy XIV

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The Tenth Circle loot table will work differently than other Raids or Dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV. Rather than have you face off against multiple bosses, there will only be a singular boss for the entire party to defeat, an encounter with Pandæmonium, a spider-like boss that will consistently throw webs and chains at your team throughout the fight.

After you beat the boss, there will be a chest with several items inside of it that you can roll on. When this raid first launches for Update 6.4, The Dark Throne, only one item can be acquired from this encounter for the week. This resets on Tuesday, when the Final Fantasy XIV servers cycle, giving you a chance to earn another loot item, at least for the gear. This does not hold true for any non-gear items.

Any of the items you loot from this dungeon can be exchanged with other vendors. These will provide you gear with an actual Item Gear Score, which you can use to boost your character’s Average Item Level, giving them a better chance to participate in high-level content.

All Pandæmonium Loot Drops in Final Fantasy XIV

This is the full loot table for The Tenth Circle Raid in Final Fantasy XIV. If an item that you do not wish to roll on, we recommend passing on all items and running the dungeon again. You can do this as many times as you want until you win a roll, and then you will need to wait for the weekly Final Fantasy XIV reset.

Gear IconGear Item
Unsung Armor of Anabaseios
Unsung Chausses of Anabaseios
Unsung Gauntlets of Anabaseios
Unsung Greaves of Anabaseios
Unsung Helm of Anabaseios
Unsung Ring of Anabaseios
Orchestrion Roll: One Amongst the Weary