Final Fantasy XIV: How To Get Prime Kukuru Beans

You’ll be able to find Prime Kukuru Beans in Final Fantasy XIV, but they only appear in a specific location.

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You can find multiple resources and items while playing Final Fantasy XIV, some of which are more important for completing quests than others. Tracking these resources down can vary on what you’re looking for, as they can appear in distinct locations throughout the game. You might have trouble tracking Prime Kukuru Beans, a key resource introduced in Patch 6.5.

Thankfully, after you have the resource, it won’t take too long to add it to your inventory. You’ll also want to make sure your character has the correct Gathering profession activated and that you’ve reached the correct level. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Prime Kukuru Beans in Final Fantasy XIV.

Where to Find Prime Kukuru Beans in Final Fantasy XIV

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For this resource, make sure you’ve added the Endwalker Expansion to your Final Fantasy XIV account. After you’ve done that, your character will need to reach level 90 in the Botanist Job profession. Your character will also need to have a Perception of 4,000 or greater to potentially find it while they’re out in the game. The final requirement is to make sure your character has read the Tome of Botanical Folklore – Islabard and the Northern Empty, which you can obtain from Splendors Vendor in Radz-at-Han, at coordinates (X:11, Y:9) at the East Balshahn Bazaar.

After you meet these requirements and wear your Logging Gathering outfit, the next step is to track it down. You’ll be able to find Prime Kukuru Beans while exploring the Labyrinthos Region in The Northern Empty of Final Fantasy XIV. The coordinates you need to reach for this gathering node are at (X: 19.3, Y:35.9). These were added for Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 6.5 update.

Like many gathering nodes in Final Fantasy XIV, it’ll only be active for a short time. You’ll be able to harvest from this node at 2 AM and then at 2 PM ET, which stands for Eorzea Time, before it goes back on cooldown. Eorzea Time does not equate to real hours, so you’ll have multiple opportunities to cultivate Prime Kukuru Beans at that node before you have to wait and try again. If you’re lucky, there’s a chance you might harvest Subline Kukuru Beans, which are a superior version of the Prime Kukuru Beans.