Five Flushes of Fortune Day Seven- Genshin Impact – Where to find purple creatures

Shocking stuff.

Genshin Impact

Day Seven of Genshin Impact’s Five Flushes of Fortune requires players to find purple creatures. Just like the previous day, you will have 10 new photo charges in your Kamera but this time you will need to locate 10 purple creatures to take photos off.

For the most part, any creature that uses the Electro element will be a safe bet for this challenge. A very good idea is to use your Adventurers Handbook to find an Electro Cicin Mage, let her summon in her friends, and then take four different photos. After that, you have two great areas you can visit to finish getting all the purple creature photos you need.

Up first, spawn at Guyun Stone Forest and then head north to the edge of the cliff. Look down and to the right and you will see some Electro Slimes, while almost directly ahead will be some Electro Hilichurls.

After that, if you still need more photos you can head to Jueyun Karst. Slightly to the east of the teleporter will be a yellow Electro Slime. This won’t count, but if you walk close to it six smaller purple Slimes will spawn in and you can take the last photos that you need.

Each time you take a photo it will generate a random colour, and when you have a full set of at least one of each color you can return to Ji Tong in Liyue and hand them in. In return, you will get a reward of 60 Primogems, and a random selection of other rewards.