Five Flushes of Fortune Day Six – Genshin Impact – Where to find brown creatures

Time to visit a fan favourite landmark.

Genshin Impact

Day Six of Genshin Impact’s Five Flushes of Fortune requires players to find brown creatures. Just like the previous day, you will have 10 new photo charges in your Kamera but this time you will need to locate 10 brown creatures to take photos off.

This will generate random colored photos that you can then bring to Ji Tong and hand in for rewards. For Day Six, brown creatures will be required, so in this guide, we will show you where to find them.

The best place to go for this is a spot on the map that is commonly referred to as the Boar Bell. This area can be found to the sound of Brightcrown Canyon, shown on the map below. Directly west of the teleporter you will find a broken bell sticking out of the ground, and just beyond that is Genshin’s Impact best meat far.

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Here, you will find about a dozen boars that will count as brown creatures for the challenge. This is an area that many players will know from farming meat for the game’s various recipes. The trick is to not get too close to the boars, or they will run away. Just slowly make your way around the outskirts of the area, taking photos of all the boars.

It should also be noted that the vast majority of Hilichurls will also count as brown creatures, so if you scare all the boar away just travel to the Stormbearer Mountains where lots of Hilichurls can be found at the teleport poitn to the north of Starfell Lake.

On the event page, you will see five color cards. One is a red color, the others are blue, gold, ochre, and purple. Do not let these influence you too much, they don’t really mean anything. The camera will randomly pull colors from the items you photograph, and you need to get at least one of each color to be able to get your reward from Ji Tong. Just keep taking photos of blue items until all your daily photos have been used.

Day Four will result in a new color and a new type of object we need to photograph, so we will once again be looking for the best possible spot to wrap up the challenge quickly.